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Fast and powerful, the Carbon Apostle takes a five point, double rocker, all mountain ski and makes it a lightweight backcountry charger. RMU's most award winning boards ski like an all mountain charger but have the weight of a touring ski. At 3.6 pounds per ski, the Carbon Apostle won't feel like a boat anchor as you are touring to your favorite zone and is guaranteed to leave you grinning from ear to ear on the descent. The five different lateral widths throughout the ski allow the rider to engage different sections of the edge through varying terrain. The rocker, camber and ski profile allow the ski to charge over variable snow and rise in powder. When on edge the ski grips with precision and when skied over center it is surfy and playful. The Carbon Apostle is for the skier who wants one ski that can tour and charge in the backcountry in any conditions. 

Specs at 185cm
• 5-Point Shape
• Dimensions: 126-132-105-120-114
• Weight: 7.3lbs
• Turn Radius: 17,2m
• Core: N. American Yellow Aspen, Carbon
• Rocker Tip - Camber - Rocker Tail with Skin Clip

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